A Father's Love

Dad kissing his daughter  
The love of a father is wired in every man’s brain to take care of his offspring, self-sacrifice and protect them from any harm. Once you see your child for the very first time, your natural instinct kicks in and you will start to love your child unconditionally. 
New born baby carried by his father
"Perfect love cast out fear."
- 1 John 4:18 
Raising a child with unconditional love means that no fear is created in parent-child interactions. It conjures up visions of limitless support, of advocacy, protection, absolute and beautiful love. To love unconditionally simply means that parents accept their children completely and without restrictions or stipulations
It is no surprise that the father we all most often recognize in the Bible is the father of the prodigal son. It is the most inspiring and revealing story of fatherhood. It is unconditional love in its highest form. While we use that story to reflect God’s grace and love, it is also meant to show how human fathers should be understood.  (The Parable of the Prodigal Son, Luke 15:11–32)
A Father holding his daughter

A father may seem remote but likely is more close to you than you realize. He may be the definition of “tough love,” but it is love. Even if your dad or father is grumpy, opinionated and distant, remember that you are more important to him than you can imagine.  

Child talking to her Dad

As a father, make sure that your children know that you love them no matter what, but don’t make them get confused that whatever they do there will be no repercussions. Show them that you are against bad behavior, but no matter what you will support them in any way possible, good or bad, as those children knowing that their father supports them are less likely to become rebellious. 

Father and Son Smiling

There are no such thing as perfect fathers, but a father will always love perfectly.


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