Let's Seal 2020 With a Kiss!

 Mommy Moments Blog - Let's Seal 2020 With a Kiss

By the grace of our Lord Almighty, we made it to 2021! We're all looking optimistically to the future with renewed hearts and minds. Let's recommit ourselves to making our journey this year a positive one. Let's exhale and reset and pray that good things are in store. 

We all know the narratives about 2020 and how challenging and impactful it was for so many of us. Suffice it to say, our hearts go out to everyone who experienced loss in any capacity. We pray for God's comfort, healing and restoration in your lives. As we send 2020 packing into the abyss of our history, I'd like to reflect on some of its blessings. Yes - blessings that are worthy of a kiss! Here are just a few of my top four. 

God Showed His Love For You

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The most obvious one is that you are still here! The fact that you're reading this message right now is reason enough to give God some praise! He is worthy, and it's by His grace that he's chosen you to carry on his work! God is not done with you yet. He loves you. He still has plans for you. It's now time for you to step into your season and embrace the purpose he has for you! #CelebratingYourPurpose

We Shifted Our Priorities To The Things and People That Really Matter

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How many of you were able to "reconnect" with loved ones in 2020 - or complete a project you’ve been procrastinating on - or do something new, exciting, and fun at home with your kids? Well, for good or bad – quarantine restrictions provided us with more time on our hands. The blessing in this is that we were able to s-l-o-w down from our busy schedules and reprioritize the things and the people in our lives. We prepared more homecooked meals for our children and families. We reached out to family, friends and neighbors via telephone calls, virtual Zoom meetings, letters, and even short in-person visits. We strengthened familial bonds by spending more quality time together. We reconnected with current and old friends. Let’s commit to continuing to keep these wonderful things going – even when things return “back to normal.” #CelebratingFamilies

We Celebrated Milestones

 Child graduation from elementary school

We welcomed new babies into the world! We celebrated the class of 2020 in unique and creative ways - from our preschoolers through our college grads! We saw love cemented in marriages. We saw marriages strengthened through more togetherness time. Parents learned "new math" like Common Core as we became surrogate teachers. (Too much? lol!) Well, the point is, these events are important milestones that are worthy to be celebrated - despite a global pandemic! #CelebratingMilestones

We Strengthened Our Connection with God

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Many people came to know God more intimately in 2020. Another blessing was that with more time, we were able to dedicate more time to our prayer lives, be more intentional about spending time meditating and connecting with God, and be more consistent with reading our Bibles. This is God’s will for our lives – to study to show ourselves approved. (2 Timothy 15). Virtual platforms enabled religious services to go on as usual to keep saints connected. Young and old(er) alike embraced technology and honored Him! Some used platforms like Zoom and Skype for the very first time. Now there’s no turning back! #CelebratingOnenessWithGod

Goodbye 2020!

We're sending you off with a kiss! We've pushed the reset button and we've moved into a new season!

Red reset buttonWelcome 2021! We're happy and grateful that you're finally here! We look forward to the good things in store this year. We're counting our blessings for God's continued favor and grace! We're looking forward to continuing to walk in our destiny, strengthen bonds with loved ones, celebrate new milestones, and renew our relationship with God. It's a new beginning. 

Happy New Year from all of us at Divine Beginnings! 

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