Building a More Positive Home

happy mom and daughter


We want our kids to grow up in a positive home. A home that reflects God’s love, joy, grace and mercy. When life throws you curve balls, it can be nearly impossible to stay positive, not without some intentional effort and supernatural support.

Here are Some Practical Tips to Build a More Positive Home:

happy mom and daughter

Speak Specific Words of Praise

Who doesn’t love a compliment? It brightens your day! Tell your kids some specific praises throughout the day. Show them you noticed all the good and wonderful things they have done, and all the good and wonderful things they are.

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Savor the Silly

Sing a silly song. Have a dance party. Dress up in some crazy outfit. Laughing at yourself and giving your kids and husband something to laugh at can lighten up your home like nothing else. Take every opportunity to act silly and bring the funny.

happy mom and daughter

Cultivate Gratitude


Want to battle the bitterness of comparison? Cultivate gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal. Write down all the little things you are thankful for. Have someone keep you accountable. Start a practice of sharing your gratitude list with your husband or kids each night, or texting your girlfriends before you go to bed. Recording and sharing the things you are grateful for will change your heart & mind. Remember, gratitude is a choice.

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Go to God Daily

Nothing sets a positive tone like being in the presence of the Holy One. Do whatever you can, set aside whatever you have to, in order to spend some time with the Lord every single day. If everyday seems impossible right now, set a more tangible goal. Start with just one day per week if that’s all you can do for now.  Going to God as often as possible will lift your mind and heart to dwell on goodness and fill you with His joy. If you do nothing else on this list, go to God. He can work miracles in your heart and in your home.

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