Encouragement for Great Mothers


Mom Hugging Her Child

Being a mom means that you have to compromise and it can be overwhelming at times. Our lives changes immediately after we give birth and most of the time we do not have time for ourselves. We are the giver and expect nothing in return. The nurturer, we nurture our kids from morning to night. We don’t ask questions, we just do it.

Mother and Son Playing

It’s like we take on a different persona the moment we become mothers, one that’s ready to carry the world for the sake of our child. But no matter how strong we are, our hearts bleed, we cry, and we stumble. Here are some of the most inspiring words that can lift your hears.

You Are Doing A Good Job. As a mother we are doing a great job raising our children, even when we feel exhausted and as though we are failing. You aren’t doing a perfect job that is impossible and you aren’t doing “the best” but you are doing a good job.

Mother and Son at the Beach

Doing good is good enough. You’ll have time to do better later. Things will improve and change. Life flows in seasons and this is a hard one. Acknowledge that it’s hard. Acknowledge that you could do more, maybe, but right now, you’re still doing a good job.

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come." - Proverbs 31:25

Hold on, be strong, and to lift our trust in Him. Things will be alright.

Your Situation Is Not Hopeless. Exploring your struggle is another vital step in growing in joy toward your kids. Suppressing, ignoring, and dismissing the emotions within yourself will lead to either relational explosion or withdrawal as a parent.

Mother and Son in Bed

God is alive, there are friends and family, there are miracles, there are weird circumstances and things that happen at just the right place at the right time, and your situation is worth it.

Let hope and peace do their work. As you continue hoping and growing and giving yourself a break, you’ll notice a change inside you. You may not know where to look for it yet, but hope is there.

Everyone Is Not Judging You. When you’re feeling down it’s easy to imagine others are judging you for your failures. The fact is, they are not. When we feel insecure we believe others see our every flaw. They do not. Half the time people don’t know your faults until you spill them out because you assume it’s already obvious.

Mother and Daughter are Talking

So what if you’re an angry mom sometimes with weird triggers? So what if you aren’t as calm as you’d like to be and you can’t get a grip on your emotions all the time? You aren’t the only one whose emotionally exhausted, and there is hope for you.

As mothers, we often doubt ourselves, but the truth is, we are stronger than we often think we are.

A Mother and her children lying in Bed

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” - Psalm 37:4
As you seek Him, your joys will become His. But first you must daily cling to Him.

Don’t doubt yourself. Right now, it feels hard, but each day you still show up, even through the exhaustion. You pour your love into your children, even though your cup feels empty. You do the best you can, even when you think you can’t. You are amazing.


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