Encouraging Joy, Even on the Hardest Days

Joy is easy to find when our children are doing all they are supposed to do, bills are all being paid, nothing is broken and everything seems to be lined up perfectly. But, what about showing joy on those hard days.

"Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds..." James 1:2 (ESV)

On these days, we can still encourage joy in our homes and to those around us. Though it may not be easy it will still be worth it. After all, who wants to be surrounded by negativity when they are already dealing with more than enough.

It is hard to find joy in things when our hearts aren’t in the right place. It is safe to assume, if we are struggling to find joy we aren’t going to be able to infect those around us with joy either. Find a great podcast to listen to, worship tunes to turn on or quick verses that help you remember there is hope. Things are a lot less hopeless when we remember Who we serve.

Joy is so hard to find in the middle of a season filled with struggling and strife. Yet, it is important that we remember to keep our focus on what is really important, because at the end of the day everything has its own season.



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