Finding All Joy in Motherhood

mother with kids

God gives us opportunities to learn and grow from each moment we are given. This does not change when we are raising our children. I thought motherhood was going to be all bows and baby powder. I never imagined how much work it actually was. It is a full-time position in a child's life.

God never promised that parenting would be easy. In fact, the Bible is filled with stories of parents struggling to raise their children and dealing with tough situations.

The reason the hardest moments may become the ones we find the most beautiful are because we see our children through God's eyes. He holds us and whispers softly to us in our time of need. His hand always upon us, rocking us through life's ups and downs.

The moments you fear for your children's well being, the moments you cry from exhaustion and feel hopeless are the moments our Father God scoops us up and shows us that we are going to be OK. Finding the peace in the chaos is truly just taking each day for what it gives you and filling it with love and appreciation for all it has.

As parents, we must learn to grasp onto each and every second for what it's worth, good or bad, and make it a moment in which we can find the joy of the Lord.

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