Finding Delight in Motherhood

Motherhood is hard and it requires our responsibilities and obligations, not only to our children but to God. Yep, we have responsibilities under God. They are prevalent throughout scripture.

But there is a delight in fulfilling that duty. And our ultimate delight in motherhood comes from our delight in the Lord. If you desire to be a delightful mother, you must delight in Him first!

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

There is so much joy in motherhood. But I'm learning that where we find our joy is the key to making it an ongoing blessing in our lives.

Finding joy in my children's behavior alone is only going to take me on a roller coaster ride...where there will most likely be way more downs than ups.

Our children are going through a growing and maturing process just like we are. They will never be perfect and basing our joy on their outward behavior will only leave us empty and without joy.

Basing our joy on our own performance will leave us shortchanged every single time. Joy doesn't last on the performance of people or the circumstances of our lives. Our delight as mothers should never be found in our understanding of our own perfection.

So where can I find this lasting joy? This joy that doesn't rest on my children's behavior or my performance?

Delight in the Lord

Joy is from the Lord when we have our eyes fixed on Him. Joy is found when we recognize our purpose is from Him and not our own personal endeavors or desires.

He doesn't just give it -- joy is in Him. When we seek Him and understand our great need for Him due to our own sin, we recognize the greatest gift we could ever receive is life with God. We will never find lasting joy if we don't see it in God our Father.

Delight in motherhood can come from that deep understanding, embracing, and walking out of the role God has given to us, but only after recognizing our life is in Him.

I know that my joy can easily be stolen when I depend on it from the wrong places.

I delight in motherhood when I delight in Him, first.

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