Finding Joy During the Holidays - Despite the Pandemic


Family gathering for the holidays


Finding Joy During the Holidays - Despite the Pandemic

It may be difficult to find joy in each day in the midst of these trying times, particularly since we’re accustomed to merry gatherings and get-togethers during the holidays. But Christmas season is here – and we should have thankful hearts and honor for the reason for the season. This is the month of our Savior’s birth, a time of celebration as we keep Christ in Christmas. It is the most wonderful time of the year!

Suffice it to say, 2020 will go down in history as a very memorable year! And not for good reasons! Due to the pandemic, this year has brought us lots of confusion and global discord. The disruption has resulted in fear and controversy – and sadly – many deaths. Children were impacted by disruption in their learning. Daily activities were curtailed or totally canceled. Traditions were put on hold or otherwise interrupted. Families were unable to get together and fellowship. Financial constraints have brought hardship to many people impacted back the pandemic. But all this we already know – because we are living it every single day!!

But there is at least one upside to the coronavirus pandemic – sheltering at home has given us more time with our immediate families. It’s forced us to S-L-O-W down – and reconnect with the people and the things that are important to us. It’s a simple blessing, but one that we should not minimize.

As we gear up to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we should remember that he represented love and cheer and joy and peace! These are ideals that we should all cherish and hold dear. While large gatherings and get-togethers may still not be an option for most of us, there are other ways to make the holiday season more meaningful and exciting.


Read Your Bible With Your Children

The Bible is filled with story after story of God’s commandments, teachings, and Jesus’ miracles. What better time to sit down with your children than now to read and discuss our wonderful Savior. This month as we celebrate his birthday, spend time talking about the Lord and his miraculous birth.

 Mom and child baking cookies

Bake and Decorate Christmas Cookies

Preparing and decorating cookies is a classic tradition that many families do around the holidays! This is an activity for the entire family as it allows you to select different types of cookies to make and customize the shapes of your cookies with Christmas cookie cutters, frosting and decorations. Kids and parents alike enjoy this special time together. You can even challenge your children to a friendly baking or decorating contest.  Not only is this a fun activity for the entire family, but after the “hard work” is done, you can enjoy a delicious snack together as a family.

 Family gathered together eating popcorn watching a movie

Watch a Christmas Movie

There are many classic holiday movies and animated programs that are aired annually that are a wonderful and excited part of the Christmas season.

Watching these shows is the perfect way to spend the days and weeks leading up to Christmas – and a wonderful way to enjoy quality family time on Christmas Day, in between dinner and exchanging gifts. It’s also an ideal way to unwind after the celebrations end. Do not forget some popcorn or chips while you watch. (And cookies!)

 Mom and kids decorating Christmas ornaments

Create Great Christmas Ornaments Decorations

What’s Christmas without decorations, right? Let us remember the difficult time that passed this year. At the same time, it also indicates happiness in the future. Our Christmas ornament is in simple style, this adorable Christmas ornament is a perfect holiday thing to do.

No matter how much space you have, they’re a sweet, fun decoration that can add a little extra merry to any space. At the same time, it also indicates happiness in the future. Or for anyone who has an incredible love for their family.

 Family exchanging virtual greetings via tablet.

Host a Virtual Party

Just because you can't get together in person doesn't mean you can't see your companions and family on Christmas. Send everybody a Zoom link and have your party online!

Make sure you've got a couple of activities and discussion starters prepared as well. No matter the distance, you’ll feel close on the big day if you share the same rituals.

Encourage your child to host “opening” and “closing ceremonies. He or she may want to kick things off with a melody or prayer, followed by family time about the birth of Jesus, discussion around Christmas overall, and other engaging conversation.


Start New Traditions

Sometimes, it’s great to start new traditions. During this year in particular, this may be both important and necessary if past traditions cannot be honored. Creating memories is priceless! Think of some ways to make this year special! Some ideas include decorating ornaments; acting out the nativity scene; playing Christmas music; and talking about the “good” that has come out of 2020!

While we certainly cannot ignore the difficult trials of this past year, we must look towards the future with happiness and joy! We must be creative and nimble. And most importantly – we embrace the joy of this holiday season and allow it to manifest in our hearts and actions. To God be the glory!



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