Finding Joy Even On The Hardest Days

God never promised that parenting would be easy. In fact, the Bible is filled with stories of parents struggling to raise their children and dealing with tough situations. Nevertheless, being a parent is one of God's greatest blessings to humankind!

It goes without saying that life doesn't provide us with a manual of how to be a good parent, so the vast majority of what we do and how we parent is based on our values, our own upbringing, and our desires for our children. Throughout our motherhood journey, we experience the pain and joy of all that comes with the role of "mother."

So, how can we possibly find joy in the midst of motherhood?

The reasons the hardest moments may become the ones we find the most beautiful are because we see our children through God's eyes. Our children are precious (just as we are to God.) We have an innate (and instantaneous) love for our children (just as God has for us). We want the very best for our kids (just as God wants for us.) We hold them close and protect them from harm's way (just as God does for us). And we whisper soft and constant assurances to them that we will always be with them in times of need (just as God assures us). In short, we can always find joy on even the hardest days because we know that God's hand is always upon us, rocking us through life's ups and downs.

How do we know that God is at work?

God's is always at work - behind the scenes! Sometimes we see his hand at work - through people, through situations, through blessings. But many times, we may not. It's during these times that we must rely on faith to sustain us.

Having faith is everything! One consideration is to make it a priority to start the day in prayer and meditation. Read the Bible. Recite some daily devotionals. Give yourself some self-love through affirmations. By embracing these practices, your whole mood changes will change. Consider all the blessings that God has granted you instead of focusing on the negatives. Accept that you cannot do everything, but try to do your best to be the best mother to your children that you can. That's all that God expects of us. Remember that adage - "your attitude predicts your altitude." How so true this is.



Speak to the Lord through prayer. Tell him when you're overwhelmed and ask for His strength.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

— Philippians 4:6,7 (NIV)

The more you put these verses into practice, the more you'll find that His peace does come…even in chaos. 

A few practical tips to avoid the avalanche effect:
1)    Pray over your schedule and commitments before you make them.
2)    Prioritize what’s best for your family - devise a plan, and pace yourself..
3)    Change your mindset. Just be thankful for everything.

Again, life happens. Motherhood is just one crazy, adventurous day after another. But we must learn to grasp onto each and every second for what it's worth, good or bad, and make it a moment in which we can find the joy of the Lord in the midst of chaos.

Stay encouraged, God bless!

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