Happy Father's Day To All of the Mighty Men of God

Divine Beginnings salutes all fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, step-fathers, uncles, and male role models who faithfully have a hand in raising and/or influencing the life of a child.

Isn't it amazing that God the Father gives us perspective into His own heart by allowing many of us to parent kids, too? Or maybe He's brought kids into your life that you foster, lead in Bible study, coach, mentor, or advocate for. How we feel loving towards, protective of, and at times heartbroken for those children is a gift from the Lord to show us how He feels about us. The men of God that care for and mentor children as God the Father cares for us, are mighty!

These "mighty men" are all around us! Yet they don't often make news headlines because their worth is not always easy to see, measure or quantify. Very often, they work hard behind the scenes to provide, protect, and plan for their families. So today – on this Father's Day 2016 – we want to make some "hoopla" and bring them to the forefront because they are special and have an incredible role! God set the stage at the beginning of time in Genesis 1:26-27, when He created man in his own image. With his creation came great power (and dominion over all the earth).

Mighty men set the tone for their children by first living their lives in an exemplary way, according to God's word. Our children watch us closely – even when we don't realize it! Fathers also influence their child's character, their values, the kind of childhood they will have, the career and life decisions they will make, who they will look to for affirmation, and the relationships they will ultimately have as adults.

So thank you to all the mighty men of God who are doing the right thing by their children! The world is a better place because of your "active presence."

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