Having a Healthier Lifestyle for You and your Family

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As a parent, it can be such a struggle to even know what it really looks like to live a “healthy lifestyle”. Finding out what healthy looks like for you and your family is going to take some trial and error, time, research, and may not follow all the rules of the newest hit diet that has taken over the internet.

You may wonder if caring for your health really matters or is just vanity. The bible actually teaches in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that your body matters! It is a precious temple, bought by Jesus at a price, and He charges us to take good care of it.

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The Bible instructs us to take time for rest, be good stewards of the lives we’ve been given; which is the exact opposite of the frenzy of endless activity that our culture pushes us into. As persons of faith, finding a rhythm for our habits that feels like health should be one of our top priorities.

Here are some ideas to get you started on a journey towards finding a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

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Consider more than just what you eat

Food is obviously essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it is not the only factor. So much goes into feeling our best and sometimes we can get so preoccupied with getting organic everything that we forget food is just one piece in a larger puzzle. Exercise, screen time, connecting with those you love, sleep, stress, anxiety, toxins in our homes, faith, genetics, and so much more go into health. 

God created us with a mind, body, and spirit. That means to find health in our daily lives, each of these parts of us have to be cared for! We must consider what our minds are preoccupied with. Are we filled with anxiety or stress? Have we cast our cares to the Lord or are we carrying the weight of the world on our own shoulders?

How does your body feel? Have you taken the time to work your muscles, made sufficient rest a priority, or surveyed the effects certain habits may have on your body? You are fearfully and wonderfully made and are loved by God! He loves when you feel good in the body He’s gifted you.

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Be honest about what you’re eating as a family

Food is a great place to teach and practice the lesson of self-control and doing things in moderation (things we all struggle with). Just be sure to approach the subject with love. The goal is to love the good food, enjoy the less good stuff in moderation, and not to make food a stressful or unhealthy obsession for anyone in our homes.   

Healthy living is a trajectory not a destination. Start small and you will be amazed the compounding progress you will see over time. Don’t let the hype that tells you that you have to change it all at once stop you from starting. Just take one step towards finding a healthy new normal and keep going from there! 

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