How Moms Can Boost Their Moods

Positive Christian mother boosting her mood


Every so often, this mom wakes up in a not-so-great mood.

Sometimes I know the reason (like when I’ve been up all night). Other times, I don’t have a clue what caused the negativity.

Regardless of the cause, though, one thing’s for sure. I NEED to change my attitude.

As moms, we are the primary ones who set the tones for our homes, so if I’m grumpy, it’s likely my kids will become grumpy as well. On the other hand, if I’m joyful, my attitude will often rub off on my children.

That’s why it’s so important we take control of our attitudes on those not-so-great days.

Here are some Ways Moms Can Boost Their Moods: 

1. Get in the Word.

Spending time with the Heavenly Father is BY FAR the best way to get an attitude adjustment. There’s just something about being with Him that provides energy, rights a wrong attitude, and encourages the soul.

“The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.” Psalm 28:7

2. Get outside.

Going outside will give you a shot of Vitamin D, which is known to improve moods.

I’ve also found that when I get close to the world God created, I feel closer to the One who created it.

3. Get rest.

As moms, we often spend a large portion of our day meeting the needs of other people. We don’t always take time to meet our own needs.

If you’re feeling not-so-great, give yourself permission to take a nap when your baby sleeps. Or splurge on a coffee in the morning. Or dig into a great book while your child plays at your feet.

4. Get moving.
Just as sunlight improves the mood, so does exercise.
You can have a walk or run. Strap your child into a stroller and walk around the neighborhood a few times.
Better yet, spend time with the Lord as you walk. Pray for the homes on your street as you pass them. Pray for the child in your stroller.
What else would you add to this list? What helps boost your mood on those tough days?
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