How To Be Intentional In Your Parenting

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Parenting can keep you so busy that you fall into a pattern of simply reacting to what’s going on around you. But you can’t be the best parent God wants you to be that way. If you’re intentional about parenting, you can fulfill all of God’s good purposes for your parenting.

Here’s how you can be an intentional parent:

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Be a spiritual parent. Show your kids what it looks like to depend on Jesus every day by putting your faith in action. Read the Bible; pray and participate in the church.

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Be an encouraging parent. Take every opportunity that God gives you to encourage your children. Some ways to do that include: focusing on their strengths, telling them that God has big plans for them, noticing their efforts and celebrating their accomplishments.

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Be a patient parent. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you develop more patience. Some ways for expressing patience in your parenting include: breathing deeply to calm down when angry, listening carefully to what your kids say, approaching stressful situations with a sense of humor and assuming the best about your kids,

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Be a connected parent. Get to know what each of your children is most interested in right now. Then ask God to show you how to build deeper connections with them by exploring their interests together. Aim to make your kids feel emotionally safe with you.

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Be a playful parent. Make time regularly to play with your children, because doing so helps relieve tension and builds stronger bonds between you.

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