How to Communicate Better with Your Kids

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Like in any relationship, communication is of utmost importance with our kids. Now, with less time on our hands together, we’ve had to be really intentional about making sure our lines of communication are open and clear.

If you’re a parent who desires the same, here are some tips to help you better communicate with your kids.

Be present

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If we’re always tied to our laptops or glued to our phones, our children may not feel like they have the opportunity to approach us to communicate at all. Like anyone else, our kids want to know they are worth our undivided attention. They may not say that to you, but they very well may feel it. So when opportunities arise, like at the dinner table or before bedtime, be sure to unplug and be fully present.


Make communication a regular part of your day

mom and son talking to each other

With full schedules, we have to accept the fact that healthy communication with our children will not happen by accident. It’s essential to be intentional to schedule time together. One good idea is to make one night out of the week family night where everyone commits to being home and present. 

Be a good listener

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Healthy communication comes from both sharing and listening. When your children do share with you, make a practice to listen well. Give them your undivided attention, look them in the eye, and even repeat what they said to ensure you heard and understand them correctly. This not only helps improve communication, but it also shows how much you care.

Schedule activities that promote communication

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Going out to eat, watching movies or taking walks are other great activities to incorporate into your time together that allow for the space to chat and learn more about each other. 

family on camping

Give your kids something to talk about by going on adventures, living life together, and laughing a lot. Family trips and adventures are great ways to give your children something to talk about. Shared experiences also deepen bonds with your children, which further helps to develop healthy communication. 

Healthy communication increases the influence and trust we have as we train up our kids in the way God is calling them. Your kids are worth the effort, work, and intention it takes to develop healthy communication. 

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