How To Treat Yourself on Mother's Day

What an exciting time! You get to finally celebrate that holiday every mother looks forward to- Mother’s Day. How will it go for you and what will you do? I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy every moment!

As a mother of 2, I know how special this time is. 

But let’s be honest, being a mother can sometimes feel

  • tired
  • burnt-out
  • frantic
  • lonely
  • fat

If you don’t feel this way… awesome! But if you do, I want to take a few seconds to encourage you.

You do have joy… joy that doesn’t come from how you may “feel at that moment.” But a joy that can grow deep in your heart and overcoming the circumstances that cause you to feel sad and lonely.

When you look into your children on Mother’s Day, let them pour some “non-negotiable” joy into you.

God has granted you the honor of raising your kids. He wants you to find joy in the simplicity of knowing that your child is yours to love.

It’s Time to Pamper Yourself

It’s Mother’s Day! Take it all in and spend some time pampering yourself…

What is it that you enjoy?

  • A mani/pedi
  • A trip to the salon
  • Shopping
  • Indulging in something sweet
  • Some time to soak and relax
  • A morning where you can sleep in
  • Some uninterrupted time for a hobby

Don’t be afraid to express your needs, mama. You do everything for your bundle of joy every day of the year.

And you will for the foreseeable future. So, pamper yourself in the moment.

Embrace the Mommy Moments on Mother’s Day

The moments turn into days. Then, the days turn into weeks… And before you know it, you’re looking into the face of a ten year old. Ahh…

So, this year. It’s a precious time for you and your kids. I pray you celebrate it and soak in EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.

You deserve it!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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