How Your Kids Can Serve Others At Christmas

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Most of us have a desire to cultivate a servant’s heart in our children, especially around the holiday season.

We have all been very blessed, and serving others goes a long way in encouraging a grateful spirit in our children.

Know that when you teach your kids to serve others at Christmas, they are learning compassion, kindness and how to give out of a thankful heart.

Here are some ways to help others for Christmas (that even the youngest children can take part in!). 

Serving at a Local Mission or Shelter

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Every person feels differently about what point their child is ready to participate in local missions or shelters. Check with your local mission to see if they are collecting any particular items for the Christmas season.

Often they will appreciate donations of every day items like socks and shirts as well as new toys that can be given as gifts to any kids who benefit from the mission.Some shelters are in need of people to come and distribute items to the residents.

Gather Gently Used Toys to Donate

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This can be easier said than done! If it’s too hard for your little ones to part with their toys, then go ahead and just go shopping for a few new and nice things you can give away! You could give these to someone you know who might be financially struggling this Christmas or find a local organization where you can physically bring the items. 

Having the kids actually see where their gifts are going is super helpful for them in understanding what serving really means. 

Color Christmas pictures or Write a Letter to a Far Away Loved One

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Giving and serving at Christmas can involve people we do know as well as people who are strangers. 

Little kids love to color, paint, etc. Take advantage of this creativity and make an easy DIY Christmas ornament or color a Christmas printable page and send to far away family members. 

You can include grandparents, but how about great aunts and uncles? Older neighbors? Or some people from your church whose grandkids live far away? 

If you have older children too, have them include a nice Christmas letter!

With the Lord’s help, we can learn to simplify what is otherwise a holiday season, take the focus off of ourselves and enjoy time with our families, as well as find opportunities to serve others even when our kids are little!




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