Jesus Loves All Children

Jesus stands apart from the common thought of His time in so many ways. His opinion about children is no exception. He is constantly presenting children as a model to be imitated in a society that considered them less than fully human. Jesus' soft spot for the oppressed, the downcast, and those that society looks down upon, is exemplified in His high estimation of children.

Parents understand this best, at least as regards to their own children. Parents recognize the hand of God at work in their children. They would never want their children to be discounted or considered less worthy than others. They perceive God's love when they look at that small precious faces.

This vision that a father or mother have for their children is the same vision Jesus has for every human being. Imagine His pain then at finding large portions of the population discounted and pushed down. His heart breaks like parents who love their children. 

Growing closer to Jesus, we hope to share his vision. If we love as He loves, we will see as He sees, and our hearts will ache with His for the full revelation of the dignity and value of every human life.

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