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Let’s be honest – as mothers, we spend the vast majority of our time thinking about and caring for our children. We’re very aware that being a mother to precious little ones is one of God’s most cherished assignments – and one not to be taken lightly. It’s a blessing to have this role – and with it comes a sacred connection that is indescribable and one that can never be replicated! After all – we are our children’s first loves. And, they have felt our hearts beat.

Because of this special bond, we stress when there is uncertainty with respect to our children – especially when they are very young. As babies, it’s a full-time job keeping our little ones ALIVE! 😊 Everything is new to them at this age, so we encourage them to explore. But in letting them do so, we are keenly aware that we are their safety nets in all respects and our primary focus is to anticipate their actions, direct their paths (and redirect them when necessary), and catch them if and when they fall. Literally. We must monitor what they touch, where they go, how they sleep, what they eat, and so much more! During the infant and toddler years, I like to say that we sleep with our eyes open!

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Then the day comes when we must send them out into this big, scary world. We do so with trepidation because we know what’s in store for them. And we pray that God will encircle them in a bubble and protect them! Deep down, we know that we must loosen the reigns and let them go. We let them go to let them grow! We do so with both hope and anxiety. We introduce them to new people, places and events. We teach them. We pray over them. Then we send them off on their way - to daycare, to elementary school, to high school. We drop them off at friends’ houses for playdates. We usher them off to extracurricular activities with the full expectation that all will be well with them when we see them again.

As they grow up and become full-fledged young adults, our thoughts and concerns shift. We still wonder and worry. Will they make the good choices? Will they be safe? Will they make good friends? Will they become victims or bullying? What obstacles will they encounter? Will they be tempted by something or someone? Will they use their manners? Will they remember all the lessons they’ve been taught.

Then comes the big departures as we send them off to college, to the military, and to start their own families. Yikes – where did the time go?!! And we wonder if we’ve prepared them adequately for what’s in store?


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If truth be told, most of us can’t help ourselves but to worry about our children. We’re innately wired to be nurturers and caretakers – and we love our children like no one else can. And we worry when our little ones (and big ones) are away from us, even for short periods of time.

Despite the fact that we’re Christian moms who have guided our children along their childhood journey since they were born, we sometimes need a little reminder that at some point, we have to let our kids go. 

There is some good news!

As Christian moms, we know that God has our children in the palm of their hands! But we sometimes have to remind ourselves that God is in control. We are his vessels who have been chosen to take care of his children. We are not alone! He doesn’t want us to live in a constant state of ambiguity, worry, or fear. His word is clear: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6. The Bible is filled with infinite lessons and teachings for all ages – from the very young to the young at heart – that emphasizes principles about Christian living.

Leave everything to God

So as we send our children out to grow and experience this world, let our minds and hearts be at peace. The best thing we can do for our kids is to pray for them (and over them)! And let your heart be content that you have done all that you can do to raise your children in the way of the Lord. Pray over them; hug and kiss often; and then let them go about their day with full confidence that they’re under God’s protection. Remember, He can (and will) do all things – and he can use anyone for his purpose – even the littlest among us. Have confidence that your children will thrive because of the foundation you are building in them. They will grow up to become happy, healthy beacons of light for others through their words and actions. Finally, take comfort in knowing that you’ve done well in raising up a child of the Most High.

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Creating a strong foundation in our children’s heart about fundamental Christian principles will give them a light to guide themselves through the trials of a dark world.  Their actions will also light the path for others in their journey through darkness. Despite their young ages, children can be beacons of light for God. For infants, this light might be reflected in mere smiling. For toddlers, it might be reflected in sharing toys with friends. For older children, it might be reflected in befriending someone who is different. And for young adults, it might be reflected in what they say and do for others.

This is our purpose as Christian parents – to seek and save those who are lost, no matter how young of age, and to help them get on (and stay on) the right paths. We have an obligation to give our children the tools and resources they need to charge their lights continuously so they will shine as bright as possible in every situation.

To achieve these things – fear and worry cannot coexist with faith and belief. Do your best and let God do the rest!

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