New Life Saves

New Life Saves / Woman standing next to the Christian cross

Nothing can surpass the miracle of Christmas, except the miracle of Easter. At Christmas, God is born into humanity. At Easter, humanity is born again into God. Easter reveals the truth that within each human life lies the indestructible seed of the divine. Belief in that truth makes our life anew.

Perhaps mothers and fathers are in a unique position to appreciate this truth. When a child is born, love ignites a mother's heart. Her life is never the same. It is remade. The fact of this new life has changed her entire world. The same happens to the believer.

He who believes in Easter believes in a new life that has entered the world. A mother encounters her child and her world is changed. The believer encounters the Risen One and his life is changed. Love ignites both hearts.

New life changes us. It inspires love, it contains a glimpse of eternity. Ultimately, new life reminds us of the value of our own life, how much we too are loved. Every new life carries in it the message of our salvation.

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