Our Hearts as Mothers


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What does parenting by the gospel look like? There are many resources and books available that teach us to have the gospel as the center of our parenting, but what does this mean? And what does it look like in our daily lives as moms?

Ultimately, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what should shape everything we do. First, we will look into how it should shape us as parents. Then, we will look at how to apply that to our interactions with our children.

It is not our efforts, prayers, hopes, and dreams that ultimately shape our parenting. Instead, it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the power that needs to be at the center of all we are and all we do as parents.

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As parents we need to be sure we have been transformed by the Gospel. Have we given our hearts and lives to Jesus Christ and come to Him in repentance and faith?

Do we live out God’s goodness and grace by letting them see that, in times of weakness or sorrow, we turn to the Lord for our help? Do they know that God’s Word is of utmost importance to us? Are we spending time in the Word, memorizing Scripture, and praying throughout our day?

 Are we giving thanks to the Lord for working for good all things—the good and the bad in our lives (Romans 8:28)? How do we express ourselves when something didn’t go as planned?

We must recognize where we fall short and seek the work of the Holy Spirit to give us the grace to change in those areas that are not in line with God’s Word.

Our children must see that we have a love and desire for God, that we have truly been transformed by His amazing grace, and we take delight in our Savior every day.

Thoughts on living it out:

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Daily spend time in the Word. First thing in the morning is best, but it doesn’t have to be. Figure out what time works best for you day. If little ones get up during your “quiet time,” include them in it by reading God’s Word with them and praying together.

Give thanks to the Lord in and through all things. Start a gratitude journal as a family.

We should be modeling to them the joy in the Christian life. They should see the love you have for your church family and how you look forward to time together with them.

Take time to model for them a compassionate and giving spirit to the needy. Your Christian walk must be real to them.

Focus on the eternal and not just the temporal. Let them know you love them always no matter what they do; your love for them is not conditional. 

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Pray throughout your day with them. Pray with them in the morning, afternoon and evening. Pray as you are leaving the house. Pray over difficult schoolwork or situations with friends.

Pray with them over needs in your church and family. Ask them to pray with you when you need prayer. There is nothing more precious than your child seeking the Lord on your behalf.

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You should also remember that marriage-centered moms usually exert the greatest influence on their children for Christ and his kingdom. This means that your weekends away with your husband, alone, might influence your children more than all your teaching and discipline combined. Your children are watching, and it gives them great joy and security to see their parents loving each other.

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