Raising Godly Kids

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Raising godly kids is both an exciting and terrifying responsibility. Because there feels like there’s so much pressure to get everything just right. But the good news is that God has told us in Acts 17:11 that it is Him (the Holy Spirit) that moves in our hearts (including our children’s hearts). We are simply the vessels to transport the message. But God will mold and shape our children. So knowing that should take some of the pressure off.

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Our kids do need exposure to God and guidance in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6). And that is where our job is. To do the best job we possibly can on our end that will give God good solid material to work with in the hearts of our children.

How do we do that? Well, let’s explore that a bit as we learn about how to raise godly children.

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Arm yourself with the Word of God

Knowing God’s Word is important in everyday life so that you can use it against temptations, while witnessing, etc. But it’s especially helpful to know God’s Word intimately as a parent because you can use it to teach your children as moment’s arise.

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Expose them to God’s Word

In the same way that you share God’s Word with your children during moments that arise for teaching, exposing them to God’s Word in general is so important. Because those special words that God has spoken to us in the Bible are what’s going to sink into their little hearts and bear fruit one day.

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Make God part of their every day

God shouldn’t remain on the sidelines all week until you head into church. No, God should be a big part of your conversations and every day lives all week long. By exposing them to God’s Word and teaching them about prayer every day you are already doing a great job of making God part of their lives every day.

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Set a good example

Do your children see you reading your Bible? Do they see you praying? Are you displaying the Fruits of the Spirit in your everyday walk? Are you showing generosity towards others? Basically, are you practicing what you’re preaching? Because if not, you might have problems down the road. Kids can tell when you’re faking it, or when you’re telling them to do one thing but you’re doing another.

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Raising the next generation of disciples for Christ is not easy. But God has equipped you with what you need to raise godly kids and kids who are in love with him. So don’t give up and don’t give in to raising them like the world would have you do. Work hard to mold and shape a life centered around Christ and loving God with your whole heart as an individual and a family, and this love will work it’s way into the hearts of your precious children.

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