Reasons to Be Thankful for Our Family




This season is a time to reflect on those things that are a blessing in our lives.

And, this year in particular, we can find many reasons to be thankful for our family.

They Are Constant

This year, everything has changed. Many of us long to get back to normal.

I’d even appreciate the simple things like going to the grocery store without a mask or eating with friends at one of my favorite restaurants. Our lives have been turned upside down this year.

But, it the middle of all the chaos, I’ve found a couple of constants: my relationship with God and the love of my family. The pandemic has given many of us more time to spend with our families.

I’ve been reminded of what I love to do, and that’s just be together with my family. 

They Give Us Purpose

Being a mom gives us a feeling of purpose.

God has allowed us to lead our kids, to introduce them to the things of God, and to impart wisdom.

It’s a high-calling and this purpose drives us to be our best. We must be thankful that God gave us an opportunity like this.

They Bring Us Joy

There’s nothing that brings us more joy than spending time with those we love the most. During this pandemic, we’ve spent more time together than usual.

Our family is what has helped us keep it all together. We experience some of our most joyful times of our life just being with them. And, that’s something to be truly thankful for.


They Are Our Support System

From the stresses of work and life that comes at us constantly, it’s easy to get down. Bad days can turn into bad weeks and bad months.

This year, we are reminded more than ever of the critical role our family plays in our lives. They are there as a safety net--our support system--to walk alongside with us through the good and the bad.

The people closest to us are our strongest advocates, there to always see the best in us and what we're truly capable of. Their support gives us the ability to face whatever comes our way on a daily basis.

They Know the Real Us--and Love Us Anyway

There’s no doubt that inside our home, we can let the walls down. We don’t have to be “on” at all times. We can say what’s on my mind. We can act silly and goof off with our kids. I know that with our family, we're not being judged. We're being loved.

They know who we are, and they love us anyway, much like God does.

They Remind Us of God’s Love

God speaks to us in so many ways – through His Word, through circumstances in our lives, and through others. When we're surrounded by our family, we can feel God’s arms around us.

He’s given us loved ones to provide us a picture of what His love is like. 

One of the hardest things about this pandemic for many people has been the isolation. For those who get their energy from being around others or physical contact, it’s been a tough year.

But, being with our family reminds us that we are not alone.

Not only our family who is always there for us, but God is as well. This holiday season, there’s no reminder that is more important than that.

Together, we can “bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).




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