Teaching Discipline to Your Children

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When you become a parent, you become entrusted by God to raise one or more of his children, which is no small task!

These guidelines won’t tell you the rules you should or shouldn’t set for your kids, but instead equip you to implement rules that you decide on. It’s time to stop taking advice from others and start focusing on how God is asking you to raise your children. Here are some ways to do just that.

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Pray about it.

As with anything, you should pray before diving into a new discipline routine. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in deciding what rules and behaviors to focus on, and to help you prioritize what’s most important in your family.

Pray for your children. Ask the Lord to protect your children and to place in their heart a yearning for a relationship with him.

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Use positive reinforcements.

Positive reinforcements work wonders for children and adults alike. I mean—who doesn’t like to hear they’re doing a fantastic job?! 

Too often as parents we focus only on how our kids are falling short of our behavioral goals for them. Imagine how much more positive our parenting could be if we were focusing on all the ways they were exceeding our expectations. Once children receive affirmation, they’re more likely to continue on the right track.

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Ease into it.

Depending on the age or temperament of your kids, new discipline tactics could present a significant adjustment on their end. Remember that your kids are, well, kids. They don’t have a fully formed adult brain yet, and it may take them a bit of time to adjust to the new rules of their world.

Try your best to be patient and kind. Once you’ve remained consistent for a while, your child will begin to understand the rules and consequences better. They will know that if they do this, then that happens.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Overall, just remember that change is hard for adults and kids alike. New habits take time to form. But by modeling how to handle change in a positive fashion, you’re equipping your kids to view change as an opportunity, not a punishment.

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