Teaching Our Kids About The Real Meaning of Easter

Holy Week and Easter and are just around the corner. For us Christians, Easter is more than just a nice Sunday dinner with family, tons of chocolate candy, or a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Yet, it’s hard to show children the true meaning of Easter when the holiday has become so commercialized with things that have nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, here are some simple ways to impart the true meaning of Easter to your child.

Read scriptures together

Head to the Bible where scripture is waiting to be enjoyed! Read about the last supper, Jesus’s final days with his disciples, and his death and resurrection. Scripture can be confusing for kids, so take the time to answer any questions they may have. I also suggest different Bibles based on the child's age. 

Attend church services as a family

Now is the time to attend local church services as a family and prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Christ! Attend services and listen to the word of God while you participate in various church activities to help you prepare for Easter.

Pray as a family

Take the time each night to pray as a family and prepare for the celebration of the resurrection. Now is a good time to pray for others who may be hurting and in need of our kindness. You can create a list of people you wish to pray for.

Find family friendly Easter books

Take the time to read family friendly Easter books that talk about the true meaning of Easter. These are a great way to explore with your kids in the days leading up to Easter.

As a parent, you can have the wonderful privilege of talking with your child about these important truths. The Easter season (which only begins with Easter Sunday) is great time to do this.


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