The Best Self-Care for Moms


Self-care for moms means bubble baths, boxes of fancy chocolate, and even getaways with friends. Is that Biblical? Should Christian moms practice self-care?

I think it’s much more accurate to call these things self-care.

  • Time with God through prayer
  • Time with God through reading his Word
  • Nutritious food
  • Giving ourselves plenty of hydration
  • Relational closeness with our husband
  • Getting enough sleep

Bubble baths, wine, chocolate, or even a weekend getaway with friends will not lead to true peace. Only resting in Christ will give you the self-care you need.

Jesus says:

“Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”
Mark 6:31

Rest in Jesus. That’s the best self-care. From that wellspring of life, you are filled up to serve others and speak life into the lives of your husband, children, and friends.

If that means taking a weekend getaway to refresh your soul with prayer, do it. If that means asking your husband for a spa day to refresh your body, do it. Jesus loves and cherishes you. You are a mouthpiece for His love to others in your life. You are a temple of the Holy Spirit. Treat your body with dignity and rest, just as Christ did.

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