The Father Counts Hairs

Our faith assures us that nothing happens accidentally. The Father knows everything that will happen and his compassion is applied universally. Not even a sparrow falls to the ground without His knowledge and care (Mt 10:29). Jesus makes this point as a way of emphasizing how much more God cares for us (even the hairs on our head are counted).

In our anxiety for our children, for their well-being, we might be tempted to become controlling, thinking that we know what's best. Of course, many times we do! But as much as we may have experienced of life, we did not create the universe (Job 38).

The next time we feel a little out of control, wanting to make our children fit our own idea of how they should behave or what decisions they should make, perhaps we should step back and ask whether we've counted the hairs on their head recently. There is One who has, and after we've done our best, we need to surrender the rest of our parenting to Him.

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