The Most Beautiful Rainbow I've Ever Seen Reminded Me to Open My Eyes!

I saw a rainbow today – the most amazing one I’ve ever seen. Colorful and vibrant from end-to-end.  Large enough that it made me pause and marvel in awe at God’s glory. Beautiful enough that it took my breath away! It was truly something to behold.

My curiosity led me on a quest to research more about rainbows and their symbolism in the Bible.  Here’s the most succinct and thorough synopsis I found:

Rainbows occur when sunlight refracts and reflects through air containing water droplets, which usually occurs during or right after rain. These bows appear in the part of the sky that is opposite the sun.

While it is true that rainbows contain the seven primary colors delineated by Newton, they also display a whole continuum of light from red to violet and even beyond what our eyes can detect.

Rainbows Have a Special Place in the Bible

One of Isaac Newton's famous experiments, using a prism, proved that white is a composition of all the lights generated by a rainbow. As the sum, white symbolizes the complete and perfect nature of God's righteousness and mercy.

The scriptures mention only three people seeing a rainbow. God used a rainbow after the great flood, which Noah saw, as a sign he would never again destroy all mankind by using floodwaters (Genesis 9:13). The Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, in a vision, saw a rainbow above the very throne of God (Ezekiel 1:27 - 28). This bow represented the glory of the Eternal. The apostle John saw two different rainbows. The first was the same one Ezekiel viewed over the throne of God (Revelation 4:3). The second encompassed the head of a mighty angel who carried a little book containing events to occur in the end time (Revelation 10:1).


Let's Get Off of Autopilot and Soak It All In

Seeing this rainbow today reminded me of how much we move about our daily lives - and miss the simply wonders around us. God's beautiful creations are everywhere. Unfortunately, we're often on autopilot. We move quickly and purposefully. Therefore, we don't make time to just enjoy and appreciate the everyday sights and sounds.

While you may not see a rainbow today – I encourage you to just take 10 minutes out of your busy day to pause and come off of autopilot. Open your eyes and really look around you. Listen and soak it all in.  Appreciate all God's splendor. You'll be amazed at how much you see (but don’t really see) every single day! Let's give Him praise!

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