The Most Important Book Your Child Needs This Year



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We at Divine Beginnings want to celebrate the new season in your child’s educational journey as he or she embarks on a new school year.  We know the transition from summer relaxation back into school mode can be exhausting for children - and for mommies too – but we hope by now that you have settled into a routine and all is well! Be encouraged and know that - You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! Philippians 4:13.  Remember, all the hard work will pay off!  

Reading As A Family  

September is not only the beginning of school, it is also National Literacy Month!  Reading with your babies and younger children is a great way to spend quality time with them, and a great way to keep track of their development. And while teaching them to read can be one of the most daunting tasks in their early education, but it’s imperative to introduce them to reading early and often. It is so easy to get caught up in balancing your family’s busy schedules that things like reading ability can sometimes get overlooked.  But doing so will help them develop a lifetime love of reading and strengthen critical skills early in life.   

A Baby's First Book  

There are thousands of great books designed to help your babies begin to read.  They are often filled with bright colors and different textures that attract their attention.  These books are awesome and intentionally eye-catching to spark your babies interest in reading, however, must not forget the most important book of all – the Bible! Reading the Bible with our little ones is a great way to have devotional time with God and practice the skills they learn in school. It’s the most important book they’ll ever read in life! Faithfully reading Bible stories with your children no matter how young will help them learn, remember and apply the lessons therein for years to come.   

Keeping Reading Exciting! 

 Reading the Bible with your primary school aged children is just as important for their spiritual development as doing their homework with them is for their education.  An idea to keep reading the Bible fun for kids is going on a family to trip to a local Christian bookstore. Generally, there are lots to explore – including books, Christian CDs, clothing, toys, and keepsakes.  And to keep reading exciting, you can encourage your kids to pick their own Bible to read along with you. There are so many unique styles and designs available that allow your child to let their personality shine through! 

We want to encourage you to donate any books your children may have outgrown to schools and libraries.  You can also be on the lookout in your local area for any book drives in honor of National Literacy Month!


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