Ways for Moms to Renew and Recharge

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We have certain priorities between our family, home, work etc; however, too much in our calendar causes distractions for our family.  We need time to be alone. Time to play games, do homework, or just talk. Stress and burnout happen easily. We tend to carry too much stress at time. Being anxious on both physically and mentally will usually end up taking it out on our family.

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You got this mama!  You are doing great.If you make mistakes, learn from them. Have confidence that you are doing the best you can do.  Are your children fed? Do they wear clean clothes? Do you tell them on a daily basis you love them?  If so, you are fine.

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Reward yourself

Buy yourself a yummy treat just for you. Put in a secret spot that only you know where it is. Enjoy it, savor it.  Have a favorite series or movie you want to watch. Buy it, and enjoy it by yourself. Eat your favorite snack with it. Tell yourself this a reward. Do what you need to do to etch this time out in your schedule once or twice a week. Go ahead you deserve it!

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Schedule ME time

Take time as a mom for yourself.  Your husband and children need you at your best.  You cannot be your best if you are stressed and anxious.  A calm, rest, and recharged mom is at her best! Have some grace for yourself!  Nobody is harder on you, than you.

Breathe. Rest. Relax.

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Dive into His WORD

Remember, that as a mother and wife you are not superwoman. You cannot do it all. However, you will not find true rest in getting more sleep or hanging out with your girlfriends. True rest can only come from one source: the Lord.

In Him alone you will find rest, peace, and comfort. Our strength is found by resting in the Lord.


Sit still.

Meditate on His Word.

In the Scripture it is written that His burden is yoke is easy and burden is light. (Matthew 11:30) This means that those who are weary and burdened can find rest in Him. And its only then that as overburdened, overwhelmed, and exhausted mothers will find rest.

Let’s be fully devoted to the renewing of our mind in God’s Word. It is never a waste of time!

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