Ways to Help Your Child Grow Spiritually

Mother and daughter Praying


When your child accepted Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior, this is just the beginning of their relationship with God. And this relationship should continue to grow for the rest of his or her life. 

Here are some ways to help your child grow spiritually. 

Little girl praying

1. Pray

Prayer can be explained to the child as simply talking to God, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. There are several things they can talk to God about. They can praise God by telling Him how good He is. They can thank God for who He is, the things that happen in their life, and for saving them through Jesus. Teaching children different things they can pray will help them learn they can go to God about anything.

mother and daughter reading Bible

2. Read Your Bible

Let children know God can talk to them through His Word, the Bible. Encourage them to set aside time to read God’s Word every day. Mention that as they read the Bible, they can also work on memorizing different verses throughout the Bible.

Siblings sharing  their toys

3. Give as God Leads

Another way children can grow closer to and obey God is by giving. Some ways a child can serve are by helping their parents without being asked, helping a sibling with chores, helping friends or younger siblings with homework, etc.

For older children, you might suggest they ask if they can volunteer at their church by working with younger children or helping with set-up or clean-up. Whether it’s by giving money or by giving time, God loves it when we give to Him. He does not need our money or time, but it is wonderful to get to do good in His name, because we love Him. 

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4. Go to Church

The Bible says that believers should meet together to encourage each other (Hebrews 10:25). Church is a wonderful place where this happens. Encourage the children to attend a church that teaches from the Bible. 

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5. Make Friends with Other Believers 

If the children are able to attend a church or Sunday School,  it will be easier for them to find friends who are also believers. If a child has friends who are also trying to live for God, it will help them to grow and live more for God. The group of children can encourage and be encouraged by each other as they get to know God better. 

Two little girls holding hands


6. Tell Others about Jesus

Finally, encourage the children to tell others about Jesus and what He has done. The Bible tells believers to go and share the Gospel (Mark 16:15), and children who believe in Christ have this responsibility and honor as well. Encourage the child to tell their friends and family about Jesus and how they can believe in Him and have their sins forgiven. 

These are a few of the things a saved child can do to grow spiritually. Instead of just leaving the saved child to try and figure out how to get to know God better on their own, teach them specific ways they can get to know God better.

By accepting Christ as their Savior, a child is saved for eternity. However, it is by growing in their personal relationship with God that a child’s life will be obviously changed for the better. Spiritual growth is essential for every believer, regardless of how old they are. 

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