Ways To Experience Joy This Christmas Season

It’s hard to believe that we are only a few days away from Christmas. This year will undoubtedly be "different," as we experience unprecedented challenges and changes to our plans to celebrate the holiday! But, rest assured, Christmas will go on as scheduled!

For Christians, it's one of the two most important celebrations of the year! It's a joyous occasion to honor Jesus' birth! Without CHRIST, there is no Christmas. So just as in years past, let us celebrate our Lord and Savior!

Let's pause and reflect - and genuinely experience this extraordinary season centered on JESUS. 

As we do, we will also receive the joy and holiday spirit that comes with the Christmas season - the joy, the laughter, the giving, the family time, and the love! 

Here are a few ways to experience and share the joy of Christmas:

Give Gifts (Not Just Receive Them)

Receiving gifts is a high point of the holidays for most kid, but it shouldn’t be the focus. As adults, we know that giving presents can be just as rewarding as getting them, and we should teach our children the lessons and joy of giving to others as God teaches us in his word.

Giving to others can take many forms, including - volunteering, participating in a local toy drive, buy gifts or "regifting" new toys to those less fortunate, sponsoring a family, or giving each of your kids a small cash to provide to a charity of their choice to help others. There are just a couple of ways to teach your children that it's more blessed to give than receive. 

Also, keep in mind that the finest gifts that you just provide your children likely won’t be the material ones. Taking time for the entire family to get together to play a game, watch a movie, or bake something are the things that kids remember and cherish about their childhoods. 

Reflect and Refocus

We often rush through our busy schedules and miss opportunities to really spend quality time with one another. This Christmas, let's be intentional about pausing and reflecting on what this holiday is really about. Read the nativity story to your children. Talk about the majesty of Jesus' birth. Share your own memories of Christmas with your children.

Yes, shopping for "the perfect gift" for family is fun, and seeing the kids' faces as they unwrap gifts on Christmas morning is delightful, and spending time with our loved ones is priceless! But the best gift - and the real reason for the season is the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus! That alone is enough of a reason to be joyous! 


Include Children In The Holiday Fun

Christmas memories are what you make them! Create special moments with your children by including them putting up holidays putting up decorations or cooking huge meals. It’s important to take a step back and make sure our kids are included, as well. 

Leading up to Christmas, children can help decorate the house, string lights, and wrap presents. If they’re too young to actually assist - try to include them in some way. For example, let them watch as the grownups string the lights, but let them be your cheerleaders and flip the switch to turn them on. Or let them help with holding down the paper or getting the tape prepared. Play Christmas music, bake cookies, watch classic Christmas movies and cartoons, dance and have Christmas sing-a-longs! 

These are joyous memories that will always be remembered!

Pray and Worship

Christmas is also the perfect opportunity for worship. It goes without saying that Christmas is about Christ. Thus, we must teach out children about this truth.

In addition, this year, in particular, let us pray for those who are all alone this Christmas. Pray they will experience Jesus and find trust within the one who loves them and will never leave them.

This Christmas, it’s all about honoring Him with the way you live. Christmas is not cancelled! Let us celebrate Jesus and honor him on His birthday!  


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