When Motherhood Feels Like Suffering

Motherhood is tough. It requires us to give up our plans in favor of what our kids need most. It demands our preferences for theirs. It’s strenuous on our bodies as we carry babies and hoist toddlers, and it tests our hearts as we soak up tears, discipline in love, and spend ourselves for little immediate return.

Yes, motherhood is a form of suffering. But in the middle of its trials, when we’re exhausted and weary, we can quickly forget what a privilege it is––often at the same time as when it’s hardest.

Consider Jesus, who sustains you.

He upholds the universe by the word of his power, and he upholds you (Hebrews 1:3). The One who breathed life into your very being sustains you as you care and provide for your child. He sustains them through you—and what a privilege it is to be a tool in his upholding hands.

You must be satisfied in Him.

Our highest privilege is to picture for our kids the all-satisfying joy and peace of knowing Jesus. When they see us trusting his words, believing his truth, praising his character, and enjoying his finished work on our behalf, they will take note. They will see that, although suffering comes (and is sometimes motherhood itself), the suffering Savior and risen Lord is worth following and laying down our lives for (Mark 8:34). Let’s take up our children and follow him.  




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