When Your Child Doubts God

When your child doubts God / Christian Girl in doubt.

Parents struggle when their children struggle. This is especially true when a child struggles with faith. The reasons for such struggles are limitless. What matters though is not so much the cause of doubt, but our response. When your child has doubts about God, patience, example and love are essential.

Being able to walk with our children is foundational. God walks with us through our ups in down, in times when our faith is strong as well as times when it is tested. God's patience endures our doubts. Raising a young disciple requires a similar patience and accompaniment. Faith is never forced, it is received and increased as a gift. Patience is required for the greatest gifts!

When a child has doubts, it may also be time for a self-examination. Are we living an integrated life? Do our actions correspond to our beliefs? Are we living the Christian life? Hypocrisy and contradictions in our life quickly erode the faith of our children. Faith is received through hearing (Rom 10:17). What are we preaching with our lives?

Love, of course, triumphs over all. A struggling child needs our presence and example. Above all however, he or she needs our love. When our children are struggling to believe, they are also struggling to believe in God's love. That is the biggest wound of doubt. In those times, they need our love most of all!

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