You Are Doing Great Mama!

Mothers and children enjoying life on Mother's Day

   How was your Mother’s Day?  For just over one hundred years, the second Sunday in May has been a day set aside to honor mothers and all of their hard work.  On this special day each year, sons and daughters everywhere roll out the red carpet and shower their mothers (and grandmothers) with love, affection and gifts. Oftentimes, however, just days and weeks later - by the time the boxes of chocolates are half eaten and the bouquet of flowers have begun to whither - life returns to routine and many mothers are thrust back into their lives of feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated. Moms feel the pressure of having to be everywhere, for everyone, all of the time.  If expectations are not met, moms are made to feel less than by the media, other “super moms,” – and sometimes even by friends, and family. This can often leave mothers broken hearted and discouraged – and with feelings that all of their hard work is being taken for granted.  For many moms these feelings can result in depression or, on the opposite spectrum - anger – and both can trickle down to our families and have a negative impact.

Here’s the Ah Ha Moment!

   We want others around us to change and give us more recognition, but we are actually the ones who must change our mindsets.

Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, and not for men.”

   It is easy to forget the fact that the works we do are not for the gratification of ourselves or even those around us – but for glory of God.  While being an amazing mother does directly benefit your family, but we are ultimately striving for excellence to be in line with God’s will.

To be a mother (or a mother-figure) is a blessing!

   So, even though the annual Mother’s Day hoopla has died down, the television advertisements have stopped, the sales have gone away, and the accolades have subsided, we remember that you are a mother every day! Your love remains endless. Your sacrifices remain unconditional. You work is never done. And that’s why we celebrate you today and always! You are working for God because he has bestowed this great blessing upon you. He sees all of your hard work and is more than appreciative of your efforts to be the best mom you can be. You’re doing great mama! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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